Introducing b.u.

I've been a professional communicator for over 30 years helping companies from start-ups to Fortune 100's get the word out about their brand. I realized recently that the market -- and I -- were ready for a shift. Branding is not just for companies anymore. Today, now more than ever- it's important to be conscious about t just about your company brand - but more and more consciously developing and building our own personal brand. As a result, I've decided to offer a b.u. - an new RC consulting offering.

b.u. stands for be you AND brand you. I feel in this day and age of social media that allows us to connect with like-minded folks from across the world with a simple click of a Linked-in profile, a FB share or twitter follow -- it's more important than ever to really think about what our social profile says about us. It's important to be sure that we create and manage our own personal brand. Especially for professionals and those seeking or already in the C-Suite - are you sure you are connected to all the right people via your social circles including Linked-In? Are you participating in the right groups - reading the right blogs and going to the right conferences?

I have developed a protocol based on my many years of supporting corporate branding for helping individuals to get clear about who they are - what is important and ensure their social profiles are authentically representing all of who they are.

Stay tune for more info - as I'm currently piloting my b.u. service and will be making necessary tweaks to this service. Contact me if you are interested in learning more. Until then, here's to living life as authentically as we can!

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