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Let's explore how you can live your life being all of who you are. -- at work and in your relationships

I believe when truly know who we are and show up in life being fully authentic – magic happens.


I want to help you be all of who you are --  in your personal and professional lives.


A big part of this is to communicate clearly what is important in both your work and personal life.


I want to support you in being you.


Welcome to b.u. coaching.

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b.u. coach: Laurie Riedman

Hi there!

I’m Laurie Riedman and I’m happy you are here!

It’s taken me awhile to actually take the leap to move into doing what I’ve always known I’ve wanted to do - -but to be honest –I wasn’t sure what was stopping me.  For years, friends and family told me just to do it – to move into doing what I love most – and what I was gifted to be a coach – a facilitator of change and growth.

Yet something held me back.

Is there something you want to do but can’t seem to make it happen?  Are you wanting more from life, your job or your relationships?  Do you feel stuck?  Maybe you simply have a feeling that you want to make a change but unsure what it might be or where to start?

I’ve been there and I’d like to help.

But first --  a little bit about me, my background and how I got here:

Over 35 years ago, I  founded a successful company – Riedman Communications Inc. -- offering marketing communications, public relations and branding services to companies of all sizes all over the world. 

For years, I truly loved my work and my clients did too!  It was a blast to work with super smart  innovators and entrepreneurs helping them achieve their goals  -- be it launch a new product, come up with a “spot on” communications strategy; create a company brand or help spread the word about their company, team or product in the media.

I loved my job and being my own boss enabled me to be a mom, wife and entrepreneur. 

Yet,  over time there were aspects of what I was doing for my clients that I grew to love even more.  I began to look forward to the deeper conversations where we would uncover what was really bothering or blocking them.  

Eventually I found that my clients began to seek out my ability to support them in this way and I found myself helping the team move towards a common goal or discover a new way to approach a challenge.   I was often the person in the room facilitating a heated discussion in a way that allowed for a safe exchange of ideas and eventually an agreed upon action plan.

I was doing more than the typical marketing consultant.   I was becoming a trusted partner and coach.

My years of experience at the table in the boardroom while growing my own business have helped me understand the challenges you face -- as  small business owners, managers, executives or people simply wanting to find their way to careers – or lives -- fueled by passion and make your heart sing.  As someone who has been married for almost 35 years and a mom of now adult daughters, I understand the ebb and flow of relationships.

 I have learned that no matter the challenge or crisis we face – personally or professionally -- if we face it with authenticity and connected to our purpose – the result will always be better than if we react from a place of fear and panic.

As a coach I create the space and offer tools so you can truly hear that voice inside that will lead you to your way home – to your  authentic self  -- so you can make decisions from that trusted place.

I promise to encourage and support you in finding your way with authenticity, grace and true connection.

I will support you with my whole heart to make discoveries about yourself and make the shifts in your life that will lead you to where you want to be. 

Let’s find out how you can do just that.  Shall we?

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b.u. coaching services

Supporting you being you!

I offer a variety of coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to uncover and achieve your life goals.  We will create a personalized program just for you.  Reach out and let's connect to explore how you can show up at work and in your relationships as your true self.  Together we can  craft the life you really want.  Showing up in all aspects of your life authentically and clear!

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“Being authentic and living a life where you show up all of who you are is brave.  If you are willing to be vulnerable and uncover who you truly are including understanding what you value and making decisions from that place  -- you will create a life filled with all you desire. "              Laurie Riedman

Let's Connect!   

Want to learn more?   Contact me today to schedule a session - virtually or in person.  I'm happy to offer a complimentary mini-session so we can see if we are a good match!

Thanks for getting in touch!

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