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About Me

Laurie Riedman has run her own business for over 35 years consulting companies of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies, to small businesses and  start-ups on marketing communications strategy and how to communicate cleanly, authentically and openly.

She’s the kind of person you want to have “on your team” – be it to support you or your business reach a goal or accomplish something that has been difficult to do – or guide you in your personal life.

She founded Riedman Communications in 1988 to offer marketing communications consulting and since managed major worldwide product launches, positioned start-ups and small businesses for success and provided turnaround support to Fortune 500 businesses while staying married, contributing to her community and raising three empowered and amazing daughters.  

She learned how important it is -- and loves nothing more than -- helping companies – and people -- communicate who they truly are.   She realized that while she was supporting marketing efforts, she was often coaching executives, founders and team members as challenges both personal and professional came up.  Often she found herself being invited to meetings that were out of the scope of her “marketing contract” – but realized that the company recognized her skills to help people feel heard and move forward while in some type of disagreement or conflict.

Over the past 15 years, Laurie has applied her ability to ask the right questions at the right time, listen and support people to find their authentic selves so they can make decisions from that place.

Her years of experience leading woman’s circles, couple’s retreats and personal coaching – as well as certifications in NLP and other coaching modalities -- has led her to create b.u. coaching, a wholly owned subsidiary of Riedman Communications.

Laurie has a bachelor’s degree from Marist College and lives in the Finger Lakes of New York with her husband Rich of 34 years.  They continue to operate their own businesses while working on their own relationship and finding ways to share their passions with the world. 

She is the proud mother of three daughters who are now creating their own lives in Boston, Rochester and Philadelphia.  Laurie has received numerous awards including Woman Within Rose award (recognizing leadership in supporting women in their personal transformational journeys); Athena Leadership Award finalist (celebrating community leadership and her professional achievements) and has served – and co-founded – many nonprofits. 


Let your life reflect who you really are

b.u. coaching offers one-on-one coaching; group and couples coaching so you can:

Be clear about who you (or your company) are. 


Be ready to share your passions.


Be your authentic self both in and out of the boardroom.


Be passionate and find what matters to you most and prioritize it in your life.


Be successful – create realistic goals, meet them and celebrate!


Be able to create the life you want while maintaining personal integrity to who you really are.


Be you. 

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